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"Worth the extra dollars. This clothesline is pricey compared to models that you can purchase at Amazon, Home Depot or Lowes, however, it is worth the price difference. It is well constructed, made with quality steel, as opposed to aluminum. Nuts & bolts, not rivets, made in the USA, high quality nylon rope, not vinyl covered wire. It was easy to anchor with the ground socket, without cement, and is sturdy. I absolutely love this clothesline and highly recommend it."

Debi, in WA   5 star rating

"Absolutely the best clothespins available. Quality and performance is better than expected. This was my second purchase of clothespins. Made my first purchase several years ago and had lost a couple and broken one. I needed replacements. Definitely buying from this company again. A round drying rack is next!"

Cam, from TX   4 star rating

"Great working rack, will hold 16 large items of clothing. It is a really cool design and easy to use. It is well made and I believe will last a very long time. It actually is very unique and people comment on it all the time. It looks stylish when closed, like an art piece! I especially like the fact that you can use only half of the rack and the stand supports it without falling over."

Art, in US   4.5 star rating

"Julie's home laundry equipment is the very best that I was able to find. Her products are of the highest quality, priced fairly, and delivered quickly. I highly recommend her site to all of those looking to either, prep, get off the grid or homestead."

Lisa, in GA   5 star rating

"I have a super large amish drying rack that I bought years ago, which I love. I ordered these 2 because I thought my girls would like them too. They are super sturdy and hold a lot more clothes than the flimsy little ones. I was right, they both absolutely love them. I am so happy to find them available online."

Ann, from IL   4.5 star rating

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