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This is the Index of links to our articles about Air Drying, Hand Washing, and Ironing laundry.

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Clothes Drying Articles:

guide to air drying clothes indoors
How To Air Dry Laundry Indoors
A guide to all the methods and equipment for air drying your clothing indoors.

how to air dry all different types of laundry
Guide to Air Drying Every Type of Clothing
How to hang and dry all the different types of clothes and laundry.


Laundry Washing Articles:

guide to had washing clothes
How To Hand Wash Clothes
A guide to hand washing laundry. Also covers detergent, rinsing, wringing, and drying.

how to remove most laundry stains
Laundry Stain Removal Guide
Complete guide to removing all the commons stains from clothing and bedding.

guide to scent control for deer hunters
Clothing Scent Control for Hunters
Hunting deer is a lot easier if they do not notice a scent from your clothing.

how to hand wash dryclean only clothes
How To Wash Dry Clean Only Clothing
Quick guide to hand washing the items that can be, and telling which items can not.


Ironing Articles:

ironing with homemade spray starch
Make and Use Spray Starch for Ironing
By making and using spray starch, you save money and get impressive clothes.

10 tips for better ironing
Ten Tips for Ironing Clothes
10 ironing suggestions for faster and more beautiful results.

how to select and ironing board and iron
How To Choose an Ironing Board
How to pick the ironing board that best fits your space and needs.