Heavy-duty Clothespins

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Heavy-Duty Clothespins

Made in the USA by a small family business!

4.5 star rating
4.7 / 5.0   109 Ratings

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We ran our "American Clothespin Quest" for 4 years before someone finally agreed to manufacture clothespins in the USA. Please help us thank and congratulate the Kevin and Hilary Jones family for their commitment and entrepreneurship.

Kevin's wooden clothespins are:

  • Made of locally harvested Maple
  • Stainless springs never rust
  • Large & Strong. 3.5" long
  • Grip up to 1/2" rods and all clotheslines
  • Weather resistant finish
  • Support a US family business
  • Lifetime Guarantee

And the best way we can all thank them is by buying some of their sturdy clothespins. I know that they are more expensive than the Chinese clothespins you find in a store. Please do not think of it as just buying great clothespins, also think of it as supporting a new business. They are bootstrapping their efforts with their own savings for now, but every clothespin you buy helps them get better equipment so they can make the clothespins more efficiently, in larger quantities, and eventually at a lower price.

See how they compare to imported pins...

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How well do these Clothespins work?

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Why You Will Love Your new Clothespins

  • Super strong!
  • Built to last
  • Handles jeans & large towels
  • Supports "Made in the USA"

Save money and energy by air drying your clothes. With these large, sturdy clothespins you can hang your laundry out on the line all day without worrying about it ending up in the grass.

Customer Reviews of our Clothespins

"Delivered as promised. The clothes pins are so much better than my old ones. Cost a little more than the imported version but well worth the price. Will never go back to old ones. "

Carole S, in US   5 star rating

"Absolutely the best clothespins available. Quality and performance is better than expected. This was my second purchase of clothespins. Made my first purchase several years ago and had lost a couple and broken one. I needed replacements. Definitely buying from this company again. A round drying rack is next!"

Cam, from TX   4.5 star rating

"strongest clothes pins ever. and they smell good, too!"

Rick, in NJ   4.5 star rating

"I was looking for made-in-USA wooden clothespins. Here's where I found them. Actually, I was looking for something more utilitarian, so the price seemed kind of high; however, what I received is worth the price."

Ron C, in US   4 star rating

"I have been looking for decent clothespins for many years. I LOVE hanging laundry but was so disgusted with flimsy, weak clothespins that could barely hold a hanky in calm weather! I started searching and found THE BEST CLOTHESPINS EVER! They hold jeans, bedspreads, down comforters, and much more. They are rugged, made in USA, and very handsome. If you balk at the price - just think lifetime!"

Sharon, in ME   5 star rating

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How do you make these clothespins?
They are currently made using common woodworking tools and good old-fashioned elbow grease. After the two maple wood pieces are created we put them in a tumbler to smooth the edges. They are then dipped into linseed oil and dried for 48 hours. Each clothespin side is checked for possible flaws and then assembled with a spring.

Where do you get the wood and the spring?
Our current wood supplier is in the Pacific Northwest, they are about an hour drive away. They are a small, family operation that we have really enjoyed working with. The trees are mostly from private families in the area. The wood supplier takes pride in assuring that every part of the tree goes to craftsman in the US to be manufactured into useful products. The stainless steel spring is manufactured through a spring company in the US. We can say with certainty that our clothespins are 100% made in America by Americans.

What is your business goal?
Our first goal is to grow the business to a level that fully supports our family. We would love it to grow to the point of supporting 4 or 5 additional employees and their families.

Your clothespins are higher priced than imported ones. Why should I buy Kevin's Clothespins?
Buying products that are manufactured in the US is important to the future of our country. When you purchase items made in our country that money supports not only the person who is producing the product, but all those who have a hand in making them. For example, when you purchase our pins you are supporting 4 tiers of people. From Best Drying Rack down to the person who cuts trees for our wood supplier. That money is invested in our own economy. You are investing in not only in clothespins, but in several American based businesses.

Clothespin Specifications:

  • Wood = Maple
  • Wood Size = 3-1/2" x 1/2" wide
  • Finish = Linseed Oil
  • Spring = Stainless Steel
  • Grip Range = 0 to 1/2"

Will the Linseed Oil get on my clothing?

No. They have done tests using wet, white fabrics and letting them dry over night. The linseed oil is completely absorbed into the wood and does not come out or discolor fabrics. A separate company has done this identical test with the same results.


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