Umbrella Clothesline

Umbrella Clothes Line
Sunshine umbrella clothes dryer
Rotary laundry airer for outdoors
cover for umbrella clothes line
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*Clothesline prices above do not include covers or clothespins. Scroll down past the "Reviews" section to see the fabric Covers, and for the Installation + Construction details.

Umbrella Clothesline

Made in the USA since 1915!  

4.5 star rating
4.7 / 5.0   423 Ratings

Standard model  $280

3-4 laundry loads

Large model  $311

5-6 laundry loads

Both in stock, ready to ship


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Standard Model Specs:
Holds 3-4 loads of laundry. 106' of rope. Top line height is 64". Requires 9 foot circle to rotate. Wooden arm color is Green.

Large Model Specs:
Holds 5-6 loads of laundry. 183' of rope. Top line height is 77". Requires 14 foot circle to rotate. Wood arm color is Orange.

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Standard Sunshine Clothesline Large Sunshine Clothesline

Standard Model

Large Model

Heavy-duty Clotheslines, Built to last

Unlike the cheap imported clotheslines found at department stores, our clothesline will last for decades. Imported models are thin aluminum with plastic parts and riveted connections - they are not repairable. Ours is made of steel and wood, with bolted connections. And no plastic parts to degrade in the sun. But if you ever need them, all our parts are available for repairs.

Standard & Large model Comparison

    Size / Feature Standard version Large version
Laundry capacity3-4 loads5-6 loads
Rope length106 feet183 feet
Bed sheetsTwin size
*larger if folded
King size
Yard space required9 foot circle14 foot circle
Top line height64 inches77 inches
Max line Length73 inches108 inches
Weight25 pounds32 pounds
Steel Center Pole2" dia.2" dia.

Which size should you buy?

If you only do 1, 2, or 3 loads of laundry each day, the Standard model is plenty big enough. The other thing people ask about is sheets; with a Large model you can hang a fully opened King size sheet. When hanging King or Queen sheets on a Standard model you will need to fold them once - they will still dry OK but just take a little longer.

How tall are you? It is much easier for short people to reach the lines on the Standard, and tall folks will be more comfortable working under the Large.   (but if you want a Large, first make sure you have a clear 14 foot circle for it to rotate in)

How does the Umbrella Clothesline work?

Click speaker symbol for sound.

Note how easy the Tensioning Lever works!

Why You Will Love Your Outdoor Clothesline

  • Built to last for decades
  • Rotates for easy loading
  • Quickly closes for more yard space
  • Use for all types of laundry
  • Fabric covers are available below
  • No concrete needed with our ground socket
  • No tools needed, except a shovel
  • All steel & wood. Durable and repairable.

See the "Installation" section below for more info on our special "no concrete" Ground Socket. Also see the tabs below for attractive fabric Covers to use when your clothesline is closed.

Customer Reviews of Outdoor Umbrella Clothesline

"I love this clothes line!! It is the second one as the first one met with an unfortunate tractor accident. (Don't ask:-) Easy to install and use. Takes up minimum space for maximum drying area. Will keep tractor away from this one ;-)"

Sandy, in VA   5 star rating

"Large Rotary Washing Line. Terrific product. I love our new washing line! I love that it spins around and can hold a lot of clothes. I've wanted one for a long time and am glad that my husband found this one! It makes laundry day a "breeze". Happy in Hampstead"

Lisa, in MD   4.5 star rating

"The only gripe I have is it turns to easy when u are hanging clothes....would be nice if something was attached to the pole to make it stationary if you want otherwise is great."

Shopper, in MN   4 star rating

"I called with a couple of question on the umbrella clothesline before placing an online order. The guy was awesome and very knowledgeable. The clothesline is wonderful. So sturdy and functional compared to my previous aluminum models. NICE JOB BestDryingRack."

Sunny, in MO   5 star rating

"Worth the extra dollars. This clothesline is pricey compared to similar models that you can purchase at Amazon, Home Depot or Lowes, however, it is worth the price difference. It is well constructed, made with quality steel, as opposed to aluminum. Nuts & bolts, not rivets, made in the USA, high quality nylon rope, not vinyl covered wire. It was easy to anchor with the ground socket, without cement, and is sturdy. I absolutely love this clothesline and highly recommend it."

Debi, in WA   5 star rating

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Covers for our clotheslines

cover for umbrella clothes line


Cover and protect your investment

Just closing your umbrella clothesline when not in use will free up your yard space, and minimize rope stretching.

Covering your clothesline with our weather-resistant fabric cover will improve it's appearance and protect it from the sun and wind. The covers are made of Forest Green fabric commonly used for outdoor awnings and furniture.

* White "wand" shown in picture is not included. It is just a 5 foot piece of thin PVC plumbing pipe available at any hardware store for $2 or so.


Only fits OUR Standard clothesline

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Only fits OUR Large clothesline

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Installation Details

Easy Installation - No concrete is needed!

The heavy-duty steel stabilizer wings provide all the support needed to keep the umbrella clothes line anchored and upright in normal soils*.

This means installation can be accomplished easily with just a shovel. The hole needs to be 18" deep. The top 10 inches is 16" diameter (for the stabilizer wings), and the bottom 8" of the hole needs only be large enough for the pipe.

* Only for very fine sandy soil is concrete recommended. Though it is OK to use concrete in other soils if you really want to for some reason.

Also see the detailed article about Installing an Umbrella Clothesline to learn all the tips and tricks to quickly and correctly assemble and set up your clothesline.

Ground socket for installing clothesline
ground socket for clothesline

"Can I use a patio umbrella stand?"
NO - they really do not provide enough stability (we have tested them). Also the center tube extends 18" into the ground, so using a patio stand would make the clothesline 18" too tall.

Construction Details

  • Galvanized steel for weather resistance
  • Wooden arms have special exterior paint
  • Custom rope for weather & stretch resistance
  • NO plastic parts!
  • Big 2" diameter steel center pole
  • All parts available if ever needed
  • Bolted connections for easy repairs
Best umbrella clothesline

The upper portion (arms, rope, brackets, and upper center tube) come fully assembled and ready-to-go.

All you need to do is slip the lower tube into the upper and secure it with a quick-release pin, then slide the "Foot Clamp" on and snug it down by hand. The foot clamp is used set the height of your clothesline by allowing more of less of the center tube to be down in the Ground Socket.

The simple rope tensioning system (see picture of silver lever with green arms below) allows the UV-resistant poly rope to easily be tightened. Our blue clothes pegs and wooden clothespins fit great on these ropes.

clothesline rope tensioning system Wooden arms on Sunshine clothesline
Sunshine umbrella details Ground socket for installing clothesline
dimensions of Standard umbrella clothesline

Click picture for a larger version.

dimensions of Large umbrella clothesline

Click picture for a larger version.


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