Manual Clothes Washer

Manual clothes washer from Lavario
A hand powered washing machine
The Lavario portable clothes washer

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Manual Washing Machine

Hand powered washer you can use anywhere, even in a bathtub!

4.5 star rating   4.6 / 5.0   42 Ratings

4.5 star rating
4.6 / 5.0   42 Ratings

In stock, ready to ship

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See the "Accessories" tab below for Fill + Drain Hoses (if you need them)

Easy To Use
The best portable manual clothes washer! See our short video below. This non-electric hand-powered washer does jeans & sweatshirts. The easy Up-and-Down motion provides incredible cleaning action.

Portable, strong, and ready to use anywhere. Cleans clothes in 15 minutes. Indoors in works well in bathtubs, shower stalls, and basements. Outdoors use it on the patio or deck, if okay with draining soapy water into the yard. Good for RV's, delicates, work clothing, and pet bedding.

Made in the USA

using a hand clothes washer outdoors on a deck washing clothes in the bathtub


How does the Manual Washer work?

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Why You Will Love Your Hand Clothes Washer

  • Powerful washing action
  • Easy up-and-down movement
  • Basket of wet clothes lifts out
  • Easy drain & fill indoors or out

Save some money by hand washing some clothing every day or two, and letting it air dry. No expensive laundromat. No power usage. An average washing machine can cost about $2,000 to maintain and operate over its 14 year life span.

Customer Reviews of the Manual Washing Machine

"I'm grateful for this simple, effective way to do laundry at home without electricity."

Anna Lisa, in US   5 star rating

"Perfect gift for a relative to make hand washing simpler."

L Casey, in CO   4.5 star rating

"Haven't used it yet, it's for emergencies. I sure hope I never have to, but, it's pretty cool if I do. Thanks."

Half Baked Prepper, in CA   5 star rating

"Works as advertised. Have had no problems so far."

M, in OH   4 star rating

"It's great for what I need. Best thing is it's made in the USA!!! "

H.Z., in AZ   5 star rating

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4 foot hose for Lavario Washer

4 foot Hose

with 1 male and 1 female ends

Can be used for filling or draining.

$8.00    Add to Cart 

  In Stock, ready to ship.

10 foot hose for Lavario Washer

10 foot Hose

with 1 male and 1 female ends

Can be used for filling or draining.

$12.00    Add to Cart 

  In Stock, ready to ship.

Faucet Connector for Lavario Washer

Faucet Connector

3" Rubber part with steel threads.

Connects hose to sink faucets.

$6.00    Add to Cart 

  In Stock, ready to ship.

separator for bottom of laundry washing bucket


Plastic, 1 male & 1 female end

Control either fill or drainage flow.

$4.00    Add to Cart 

  In Stock, ready to ship.

Complete Hose Kit

Complete Hose Kit

All 4 items that are shown above

Saves $3 off buying the parts separately.

$27.00    Add to Cart 

  In Stock, ready to ship.

Each Manual Washer includes:

  1. Washing Basket with lid & handle
    • Capacity: 5 gallons of laundry
    • Diameter: 12 inches
    • Height with handle: 28"
    • Material: High-strength plastic
  2. Large Bucket with drain
    • Capacity: 10 gallons of water
    • Diameter: 19 inches
    • Height: 25 inches
    • Material: High-strength plastic
    • Drain Location: Lower edge
    • Feet: Rubber (4)
  3. Instructions

Overall Weight: 10 pounds


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