National Hanging Out Day

Next one is April 19th, 2023

April 19th of every year is National Hanging Out Day. It is a day dedicated to encouraging people and communities to learn about the benefits of air drying laundry.

Umbrella Clothesline

The benefits of drying laundry on a rack or a clothesline are...

  • It saves energy – a lot of energy. If you stop using your clothes dryer, you will cut your energy bill* by 8% on average. And that saves you money. (*either gas or electric, depending on your dryer type)
  • Your clothes will last longer. Using a clothes dryer abrades and ages your favorite clothing. That stuff in your lint trap used to be part of your clothes. Shirts and things that are ran through a drier get thin and 'threadbare' because the fuzzy part of the fabric all gets rubbed off in the drier.
  • It's good for your health. You spend a little more time outdoors (fresh air & sunshine). You get to slow down a little and hear the birds (nature & peace). You get a little exercise (carrying & stretching & bending).
  • It's good for the planet. Less energy used means less coal dug up and less gas burned. That lowers carbon emissions and smokestack pollution.

Yes, this really is a USA certified "National Day" that started back in 1995. The creation of this official day was promoted by Project Laundry List, which is no longer active but for many years educated people about the benefits of air drying and washing laundry in cold water. They also were important in getting "Right to Dry" laws passed in many states. Those laws prevented local Home Owners Associations (HOA's) and towns from outlawing outdoor clothes drying. Much of the history of the Project Laundry List organization has been archived at

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