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Since 2009, we've made laundry greener, cleaner, and easier.

You can be confident that these well-designed items will be efficient to use, and last a long time. Our founder, Greg Baka, has personally engineered or selected every item to be durable, handsome, and easy to use. These unique items may cost a little more, but they will outlast and outperform common laundry equipment.

  • Laundry gear that looks good and works great.
  • Strong items that will last a long time.
  • Family business with 12,700+ customers.

Introducing ourselves

My name is Greg Baka and I am the owner of Best Drying Rack. I am a green homeowner, and an engineer. The usefulness, ergonomics, and design of household equipment is very important to me.

As a family-owned business, we answer all of our own phone calls and respond to all the texts and emails that are sent to us. As the person who has designed or sourced all of our items, I am able to answer your questions. We are happy to help you determine the best choices for you clothes washing or drying needs. Here are just a few reviews of our customer service and items...

Fast service, quick shipping. I was very pleased with what we received from Best Drying Rack. The products are clearly well made. This was the number one thing we were looking for. I've never had drying racks this well-constructed. I highly recommend this company!
J.S. from AZ

This was my 4th order from this company. Never disappointed. American made quality and fair pricing.
Cam M., from TX

I could not be happier. I hang up clothes all year. This rack is made of the highest quality, easy to assemble and use. I had to call the company to ask a question, not only did I get a live person, but he answered all my questions and followed up with me the next day. This call was due to me mistakenly ordered only the clothesline and not the cover. My son put it up for me and was so impressed with the ease of assembly and quality...he is a hard sell for sure.
Melody, from DE


Greg Baka, the owner of BestDryingRack.com

Greg Baka, owner and founder

How we got started

Back in 2007, a friend showed me a round drying rack that had been passed down from her grandmother, to her mother, to her. I was amazed by the design, the usefulness, and the longevity.

I wanted a couple for my home. So I looked online, and could not find anyone selling new ones. But we did find a variety of antique ones on various sites like eBay. So I bought one of every different type that looked good.

We decided to start making and selling them ourselves. As a manufacturing and design engineer with 17 years of experience, I had the skills to do it. BestDryingRack.com stared with just the round tripod racks that we manufactured in our home shop.

Since then my, wife and I have grown our business. We now also have umbrella clotheslines, manual laundry washing gear, clothespins, and more. It has been a busy 15 years!

"Our goal here at Best Drying Rack is to supply you with unique and high-quality laundry tools that you will not find in local big box stores."

Thank you for supporting our business!
Greg Baka
gregbaka@bestdryingrack.com or 573-823-3539