Strong and long-lasting laundry clips

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Wooden Clothespins

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Wooden clothespins
Strong heavy-duty clothespins
large wooden clothespins, Made in USA
strong wooden clothespin holding five pounds

Maple legs and stainless steel springs. 3.5" long. Made in USA.   More Info...

Plastic Clothes Pegs

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Stormforce clothes pegs from England
Using a plastic clothes peg on jeans
Clothes pegs hanging a shirt and towel
Drying jeans on line with clothes pegs

Hold clothes tightly, even in strong winds. 3" long. Made in England.   More Info...

Our American Clothespin Quest continues...

We would love to offer even more "Made in the USA" clothespins. If you are willing to make some clothespins here in the US, (that are different from Kevin's) we will sell them here on our website and help market them for you. Please contact us!

USA clothespins


Between 1852 and 1887, the US Patent Office granted patents to 146 different clothespins.

Some Clothespin History...

Penley Corporation which was founded in 1923 was the last company in America to make wooden clothes pins. In December 2002, their clothespin plant in West Paris, Maine laid off it's manufacturing employees. Penley now imports and distributes clothespins - the very ones they used to compete against.

Why this is important...

American wood product manufacturing companies are in danger. They need customers like you that are willing to look beyond the cheap prices of Chinese imports. That is why we are so proud to be able to offer this clothespin challenge. If anyone or any company is willing to produce different "Made in USA" clothespins or pegs we will sell them on our website.

Plastic clothespins also have their place in the laundry room. They can be perfect for some applications. But again, no "Made in America" plastic clothespins are being manufactured either.

Our clothespin challenge applies to any material: wood, plastic, or metal - if you make them in the USA, let's talk about selling them right here on our website.

Examples from the Wild World of Clothespins...

plastic clothespins, torsion springs plastic clothespins, hoop springs clothespins on a dowel rod mixed locking clothespins molded self-sprung clothespins clothespins with coil springs plastic clothes pegs bamboo clothespins, torsion springs button style clothes pegs wooden clothes pegs odd clothes clip plastic laundry pegs assorted spring clothespins decorative clothespins plastic clothespins, leaf springs metal clothespins

Clothespin pictures were provided by Designboom

They have over 300 clips and are still collecting. If you have an unusual clothespin for their collection you may send your pegs to the following address:     Yaacov Kaufman (pegs), Id Department Bezalel, Mount Scopus Campus, PO Box 24046, Jerusalem 91240   Israel