Wooden Laundry Drying Racks

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Amish made in Pennsylvania

Tripod Drying Rack


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animated GIF of round drying rack with tripod base
rotating hub at top of round drying rack
drying rack with towels
detail of rectangular arm of drying rack

Features: Maple and Aluminum construction, Strong & Attractive, 16 arms, 32 feet hanging capacity.   More Info...

Tall Drying Rack

 $135  $119

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how to hang laundry on a drying rack, animation
amish folding drying rack by woodstove
indoor amish made clothes airer
close-up of latch for accordian style clothes drying rack

Features: Thick Maple rods and frame, 33 feet hanging capacity, 60" Tall x 40" Long x 20" Wide, Folds for storage.   More Info...