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Mopping with Baby Shampoo?

Avoids harsh chemicals and fragrances.

This is the first blog post exploring all the ways you can use baby shampoo. We will get started by telling you about our experiments using baby shampoo to mop and clean floors.

child mopping the floor

I have been participating in Eco Tip Tuesday at #ecotiptue on Twitter on Tuesday evenings. A few weeks ago, the tweets were about the fragrances that are in so many of our laundry, cleaning and hygiene products. Many excellent comments educated me on the issue of labeling, laws, toxicity, safety, and testing. Also there were personal stories of sensitivity and even severe allergic reactions.

This online conversation started me thinking about what I am using in my own home. So I thought doing a little snooping into something that I could use as a general cleaning alternative was in order. I am enough of a realist to know that I was not going to go buy a lot of specialty products or spend a lot of money. Cleaning is never my number one priority, it is just one of the tasks that has to be done on a regular basis. After a little bit of research here is what I am going to try out: fragrance free baby shampoo.

I decided on baby shampoo for the following reasons...

  1. It tends to be gentle.
  2. It is a soap that is very good at removing oils because babies have oily hair.
  3. It is easy to rinse off with out leaving any residue behind.
  4. I can not see it doing much harm in the big picture.

I am going to start by using it for mopping my floors. According to lots of websites that I visited, the combination of 1 tablespoon of baby shampoo to 1 gallon of water is great for cleaning hard surfaced floors. We use a Libman Microfiber Wet & Dry Pad Mop because it is easy to take off the cleaning pad to rinse and wring it in the sink. The pad can also be washed in the laundry.

Mopping Instructions:

Before beginning to mop I make sure the floor has been vacuumed. Yes, I vacuum my hard surface floors. In my opinion, sweeping just stirs up the dirt into the air to have it fall somewhere else. But vacuuming sucks up and contains the dirt, dander and dust so that I can throw it away after the vacuuming is done. (watch for my future article on our Neato vacuum)

I then mix a gallon of warm water and a tablespoon of baby shampoo in my kitchen sink. I wet the microfiber mop pad, then I wring it out until it is not drippy. I like to mop the middle first since it tends to be the least dirty. This way my mop and water do not get too dirty until the end of the cleaning process. I mop the edges of the room last because in our kitchen the area in front of the kitchen cabinets, refrigerator and stove tend to be what is dirtiest with the most spills and accidents. I rinse my mop pad whenever it looks dirty by removing the pad and swishing it in the soapy water.

After I have went over the whole floor with soapy water, I rinse it with plain clean water (no shampoo). We just wet a clean mop pad, wring it out and go over the floor a quick second time to remove the little bit of soap and footprints that are left on the floor. Now my floor is clean and scent free, and there are no harsh chemicals on my floor or down the sink.

The following video shows some of the advantages of using a pad type mop...

I have some other things that I use baby shampoo for, but we will save them for a future post. Check out all of our other articles at our Blog home page.

Disclaimer: You are responsible for any suggestions you choose to follow, or not follow. This advice is offered for consideration with no guarantee of safety or effectiveness. Use this information at your own risk.