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Links to all our Laundry Tips:

Do you want useful tips on how to answer your laundry and clothing questions?Then you are in the right place!

Not only do we bring you the Best line of American made laundry equipment, we also bring you some of the best "how to" guides and information on clothes washing, drying, and stain removal. See the list below for links to all our current laundry tips and guides - more are coming soon.

How to wash your "Dry Clean Only" clothes at home

Guide to Drying Delicate Clothes

How to air dry laundry

Laundry Stain Removal Tips

How to remove dry erase marker from clothing

How to wash Crayons stains out of clothes

How to remove ink from clothing and fabric

The Many Benefits of Air Drying your Clothes

How to Save Money by Not Using the Dryer


We also have information other things, like using our rack to dry herbs and flowers, and even tips for deer hunters on cleaning methods for scent control.

Check them out at our "How to" Tips page

Page last modified on 2017-10-29

Strong and handsome "Made in the USA" laundry tools

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  • Our clothes drying rack is made with Maple hardwood and plated steel. It rotates, it holds a load of laundry, and it folds up for easy storage.
  • The outdoor umbrella clothesline has been in production since 1913 - that's 100 years! It is super easy to install, easy to maintain, and will last for many many years.
  • Our laundry hand washing kit is a great way to keep the mess from work clothes or diapers out of your washing machine. Or use it for all your laundry at cabins and campgrounds.



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