How to Harvest Herbs and Flowers for Drying

When To Harvest

There is both an art and a science selecting the perfect harvest time. Use the chart below to find the best time to harvest the herbs or flowers you want. You may need to do some experimentation to learn what works best for your plants and drying conditions.

Harvest plants with long stems at least two to four inches so you have plenty of room for bundling. Harvest the plants when they are not damp - usually late morning time is best when the dew is gone but it has not become so hot enough to wilt the plants.

Click here for information on what position (Hanging, Flat, or Upright) to dry flowers in for best appearance: Recommended Flower Drying Positions

See these links for more information:

Using a drying rack to dry flowers.


See these links for more information:

Optimal Harvesting Times
Flower Name Bud Stage Early Flower Full Bloom Late Flower Seedpod Stage
African Daisy Yes
Agastache Yes
Artichoke Yes
Baby's Breath Yes
Cardoon Yes
Carline Thistle Yes
Chinese Lantern Yes
Cornflower Yes
Delphihnium Yes
Drumstick Yes
Gay Feathers Yes
Giant Knapweed Yes
Globe Thistle Yes
Golden Rod Yes
Golden Yarrow Yes
Hens & Chicks Yes
Honesty Yes
Hops Yes
Immortelle Yes
Lady's Mantle Yes
Larkspur Yes
Lavender Yes
Leeks / Onions Yes
Linseed / Flax Yes
Love in a Mist Yes
Love Lies Bleeding Yes
Mop Head Hydrangia Yes
Opium Poppy Yes
Orach Yes
Pearl Everlasting Yes
Peony Yes
Poker Statice Yes
Rose Yes
Safflower Yes
Sea Holly Yes
Sea Lavender Yes
Sneezewort Yes
Statice Yes
Strawflower Yes
Sunflower Yes
Sweet Marjoram Yes
Sweet William Yes
Teasel Yes
Thyme Yes
Transformer Yes
Wild Marjoram Yes
Winged Everlasting Yes
Yarrow Yes

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