How to remove Dry Erase Marker from clothing.

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Tips on what takes Dry Erase Marker stain out of fabric.

You will actually move the stain from your clothing to an old towel, here's how it is done...

To remove Dry Erase marker from clothing, first place an old clean and absorbent towel (that you don't mind staining) directly under the stained fabric to absorb excess moisture and to keep the stain from bleeding to other parts of your clothing item. Then use Murphy's Oil Soap with a small brush, like an old toothbrush. Keep the brush very wet with the soap while rubbing on the stain. Keep moving the towel to put new dry locations underneath the stain - this will absorb the stain and keep the stain from bleeding back through. Continue brushing Murphy's Oil Soap onto the spot until is almost completely gone.

Next take a clean damp sponge made sudsy with Dawn dishwashing liquid and rub the spot with the suds until the rest of the stain is removed. Remember to keep moving the towel around underneath the spot to absorb the liquid.

Once you have the spot removed, rinse the sponge until it runs clear and then keep blotting the spot with the clean sponge (and keep moving that clean towel around underneath) until the soap and all residues are all blotted out. Then wash in the laundry as usual.
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