Guide to Drying Delicate Clothes

Clothes Drying Rack drying rack with delicates Umbrella Clothesline Laundry Washing Kit

How to dry your hand washables and delicates.

Like sweaters, bras, panties, lingerie, and hose.

Why should you Air Dry your delicate clothing?

Heated drying is hard on elastic and is the number on reason for elastic failure. Also many favorites have delicate lace and appliques that may shrink or come off during a drying cycle. Hose and tights often become stretched and tangled in a power dryer.

How to Air Dry delicate clothes:

Step 1: Remove excess water
After you have hand washed the garments roll them tightly in an absorbent towel. Unroll the towel and move the garment to a dry part of the towel and roll again. Continue until garment no longer feels drippy. It may take 2-5 rollings. Do not wring the delicates or the towel.

Step 2: Drying techniques
If the hand washable is stretchy like sweaters and panty hose you will want to re-shape and dry flat on top of your drying rack. If it is made of real silk, wool or other natural animal fibers you should place your rack out of the direct sunlight.

Give your hand washable (other than those stretchy sweaters) one nice healthy shake. This separates the front from the back of the material for faster drying time as well as removing any wrinkles caused by the rolling process.

Tops should be hung by the shoulders. Bras can simply be slid over the arms of the clothes drying rack. Camisoles can be clothespinned to the rack or placed on hangers which are then hung on the rack.

Panties, slips and lingerie can be hung up at the waist bands or folded at the waistline of the garment then hung over the drying rack to dry.

If it is a very windy day you may need to add a clothespin or two to keep clothes on the rack. If it is a rainy or very cold day you can hang your hand washables on the drying rack in your house. For faster drying times, place the clothes drying rack near a fan or register - or under a ceiling fan.

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