Tips for removing Crayon stains from clothing.

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How to wash out Crayon on clothes and other fabrics.

How to remove Crayons from clothing:

First, spray or sponge the crayon stain with dry cleaning solvent like perchloroethylene or trichloroethylene. Then rub the stained area with heavy-duty liquid laundry detergent and rinse thoroughly.

Second, soak the Crayon stained garment in a weak solution of all-fabric powdered bleach.

If the above steps do not remove the crayon stain you can try soaking the garment in a dilute solution of liquid chlorine bleach and water if the clothing is white or light colored.
Warning - any bleach damage to colored garments is permanent. Also, since bleaching can alter the color of the garment, bleach the whole garment and not just a spot. If the stain is not gone in 15 minutes, it cannot be removed by bleaching and further bleaching will only weaken the fabric.
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