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Please email, text, or call us to ask questions, make suggestions, or tell us about your experiences with your Best Drying Rack products.

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Contact Information:
TEXT: 573-823-3539 anytime
PHONE: 573-823-3539 during business hours only (please)
BUSINESS HOURS are 8am to 6pm Central Time


Office Address: (no sales at this address, no returns to this address)
Best Drying Rack
1400 Forum Blvd #585
Columbia, MO 65203

Can I pay with a check or money order?
Sorry, we do NOT accept payment by check or money order.
You will need to use a credit or debit card, or use Paypal.

Need to return an item?
Contact us by email for return shipping instructions.
Also see our Guarantee page.


About Our Business...

Best Drying Rack was created to sell the wooden clothes drying rack I designed. This little video shows how we make it...

We look forward to hearing from you! Questions, complaints, ideas, and compliments are all equally welcome. Be assured that we will not send you a bunch of e-mails or share your info with anyone.

My years of experience in Engineering, Design, and Manufacturing have been employed to create and produce the best laundry drying rack on the market today. Please give it a try and see for yourself.

We want Best Drying Rack to supply the best working, best quality laundry items we can find - things we would want to buy for ourselves.

Thank you for visiting!

Greg and Julie Baka
owners of Best Drying Rack

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