The Benefits of Air Drying your Clothes.

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The benefits of air drying that you usually hear about is how it is good for the environment, and that it will save you money. Both of those things are true! Click here to learn how much money you can save by air drying

But there are other benefits as well...

  • Longer lasting clothes
  • Kills germs and bacteria
  • Less stress and more calm


Your clothes will last longer.

When you use a clothes dryer, all that tumbling rubs and wears away the fibers of your clothes. All that lint that you pull out of your lint trap at the end of every load is actually part of the clothes you just dried. If you want that favorite outfit to last forever the first step to keeping your clothes like new is to not tumble dry, but to hang dry.

Wool sweaters and other natural fibers also last much longer when they are air dried. After washing, you can re-shape your wool fabrics and set them on a laundry drying rack to air dry so they retain their original beauty.

A fact you may not know is that the heat of a dryer RUINS elastic. If you would like to do a little experiment, go out and buy two pairs of identical socks. Mark one pair to be dried in the dryer and mark the other pair to be air dried. Wear each pair every week, launder them the same but dry them differently. I guarantee the pair that is air dried will last twice as long as the pair that you dry in the clothes dryer. If this is true for a pair of a socks consider the impact on other expensive articles of clothing like bras and fine lingerie. When you get a bra that is a great fit, air drying it will mean it lasts twice as long.

Naturally disinfect your clothes.

Another benefit of air drying is that you can use the disinfecting and whitening properties of the sun. When you air dry your clothes in the sun they are naturally disinfected and whitened. The sun provides UV light, and UV can be used to disinfect water and damp laundry. UV light reacts with oxygen dissolved in the water to produce reactive forms of oxygen that kill the microorganisms. UV from the sun also interferes with the reproduction cycle of bacteria by damaging their DNA.

Think about the disinfecting power of the sun for items like baby diapers, sheets, blankets and clothing that have been used by someone who has been ill. By air drying our clothing in the sun we can help to stop bacteria with no harsh chemicals.

Be less stressed.

There is also a mental health benefit of slowing down and practicing the relaxing act of hanging each article of clothing with loving care on your drying rack or clothesline. Many people have commented that they find the act of hanging laundry both relaxing and helpful in reducing stress. In today's fast paced environment, we know that there are health benefits to slowing down and lowering stress. It reduces the chance of heart disease. What a practical way to get this great health benefit!

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