Hand Clothes Washing Kit

Hand Clothes Washing Kit separator for bottom of washing bucket Laundry Washing Kit Best Drying Rack products

  Keeps dirt and diaper mess out of your washer and off your hands.

open and closed drying rack open and closed drying rack

Best Laundry Washing Kit is made completely in the USA.

Our washing kit is designed to really clean your clothes. The Washer tool is engineered to push water through the fabric on the downward stroke and then pull water up through the fabric on the upward stroke to dislodge the dirt with its patented vacuum design. The washer provides better agitation than top load washers and the same as most high-efficiency front load machines.

What makes our hand washing kit a winning solution is combining the washer that removes the dirt with our Separator that gives the dirt particles a place to settle and not stick to your clothes.

Save money by simply hand washing the set of clothes that you wear each day and letting them air dry. No power usage. No expensive laundromat. A typical washing machine will cost almost $2,000 to own and operate over its 14 year lifetime.

For larger laundry needs, click to see our complete manual wringer washer with tubs, a wooden stand, and a wringer.

Best Laundry Washing Kit is made completely in the USA.

Hand Clothes Washing Kit

Laundry Washing Kit


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Includes all three items shown.

In this 1 minute video you can see and hear how the plunger washer pushes and pulls water through the fabric.


clothes washing plunger

Washer Tool only


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30 inches tall, 8 inch diameter

separator for bottom of washing bucket

Separator only


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2.5 inches tall, 10.5 inch diameter

bucket for washing laundry

5 Gallon Bucket only


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  Our hand laundry kit will save you time and money.

The "Washer Tool"

  • Patented plunger washer design
  • Easy to take apart for total cleanliness
  • Pushes & pulls water through the cloth
  • Strong enough for coveralls and jeans
  • Excellent for washing dirty diapers

The "Separator"

  • Keeps dirt particles separated at the bottom of the bucket
  • Minimizes stirring dirt back up to the clothes
  • Provides a textured surface to rub soiled fabric against

The "Bucket"

  • Proper depth and diameter to hand wash laundry
  • Keeps dirty water out of your tub or kitchen sink
  • Carry dirty water outside or flush down the toilet
  • Get a second bucket for easier rinsing!

  Customer Testimonials

This worked great at our lake cottage this summer. We do a little laundry everyday since we only have one clothesline. We are using three buckets instead of two because we found it was faster. No more driving to town and sitting in the laundromat during our summer vacation. Thank you for selling this.

I have been using your plunger washer to clean my son's diapers. It is so nice to keep them out of my washing machine! It's building some big muscles in my arms, LOL.

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  Our Guarantee

We are very proud of our clothes drying rack, laundry washing kit, and other products and we guarantee them to function properly. If you are not satisfied with the construction or function of your item please contact us for a repair, replacement, or refund.

Since our products are fully repairable, we can send replacement parts to fix damage due to normal wear and tear.

If you just change your mind and wish to return an unused item, contact us for assistance. You will be responsible for the costs of shipping the item to you and back to us.



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