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We started to use this the rack as soon as we received it. We love it! We put it in our living room close to our pellet stove, and as you may know, the clothes dried very quickly! I am retiring out of the military and am always looking for ways to cut our electric bills. The drying rack will be a welcome guest whether it is drying clothes on our porch during the summer, or drying them in front of the pellet stove during the winter. In conclusion, I highly recommend this product, it is durable, well made, and it is AMERICAN.
Jeff in Boonville NY

I bought both the umbrella clothesline and drying rack and am very pleased with each of them. I love your products and am saving lots of money by not using my clothes dryer.
Paulette in New Canton VA

The "Best Drying Rack" arrived yesterday and certainly lives up to it's name!!! They are indeed beautifully made and put together, You have a great product! Thank you for your wonderful and extremely helpful service - we have surely appreciated your efforts. We will spread the word.
Peter and Joan in Victoria Australia

I'm 44 Years Old and Finally Got a Rack!
"I was kind of a late bloomer, always jealous of other girl's racks and fearing I would never have one myself. Even my younger sisters got theirs ahead of me. No, I didn't suddenly pump myself full of plastic to impress the boys. It's my new Drying Rack, people! What the heck did you think?"
My Plastic-free Life - Oct 2009 blog post

I already bought one, love it, and am buying another one for my mom, thanks!
Heidi in Los Gatos CA

I just received my drying rack and love it! I'll be sure to show it to friends!! My family has always called me "Laundry Linda" and will be doing it all over again when I start telling them about this new item I found for my laundry !!! lol
Thanks for the speedy delivery....
Linda in Hot Springs Village AR

I received my Best Drying Rack this afternoon, set it up (oh so easy) and have to say I love the design. Being a designer myself, I really appreciate simple, elegant, sturdy functionalism --- it's an aesthetic unto itself. Can't wait for the rains to let up for me to go out and harvest my herbs. Thanks for creating such a great solution!
Janis-Marie in Ceres CA

Just wanted to send you a quick message and let you know the drying rack has arrived in Kabul. It' looks great and I showed it to our Afghan housekeeper and also demonstrated how it works for her. I will do my best to get some pictures of it in action!! Next to our Pakistani washing machine...
  And - a BIG Thank you for the great blanket you wrapped around the rack, and the DumDum suckers. We live on Afghan Red Cross property and are surrounded by orphan children - it will be good to have a few suckers in my pocket to give out to the kids every now and then! I know they will enjoy them. Have a good and successful 2010.
Amy in Kabul Afghanistan

I have been using this product for a few weeks so that I could keep my clothes in better shape and avoid wasting energy with my dryer. It is competitively priced, and built to outlast the flimsy imports. Thank you for making such a great product in the U.S.!
Brian in Minneapolis MN

I love, love, love my new umbrella clothesline. It is by far the BEST outdoor clothesline that I have ever owned. I love the spacing between lines. I think my clothes dry much quicker on this clothesline. Thanks so much!
Josephine in Springfield VT

I recently received my drying rack and it really is THE BEST drying rack! I've been hanging my laundry ever since my dryer died over 4 years ago. On good days, I hang my laundry outside on a clothesline but otherwise I hang my laundry on various drying racks inside. Over the years, I've gone thru various types of racks but your drying rack wins hands-down! It really does dry your laundry much faster than the conventional drying rack. It is very durable and I love how it folds up for ease in storage. What an ingenious product! I am so glad I found your drying rack, its THE best!
Susan in Gilson IL

My rack just arrived (very promptly!) and I love it. You wouldn't believe the flimsy one that was all I could get before. And you're right down the road in Columbia! I will indeed spread the word.
Karin in Kansas City, MO

I am very pleased to report that I like my drying rack a lot. It's easy to use, appears to be durable, and looks nice even when folded in storage. Much better, in my opinion, that those plastic or vinyl covered drying racks one sees all over. The wood and steel construction give it an aura of being something special, an object to be proud of and to value for many years. I was a little afraid about putting heavy jeans on the maple dowels, but so far there has been no problem. I think that the product comes with a warranty which shows that the creator has faith in its ability to withstand some heavier laundry. This product should help me to save on the monthly electric bill, while doing something positive for the environment.
Steven in Pompano Beach FL

Simple, beautiful, lightweight, and portable. It's perfect!
Gally in Austin TX

Thank you for the best clothes drying rack! I actually look forward to doing laundry now. I used to hang my shirts over the shower curtain rod...always looking for a hanger. You have improved my life. :)
Sarah in Santa Rosa CA

I can't say enough good things about the Best Drying Rack. It is sturdy, extremely well made, so reasonably priced, and folds up like a dream to a nice compact size that makes it easy to store.
  I bought it as a hostess gift for a friend with a small apartment. We used it to dry bath and beach towels while we were visiting and it was everything and more than the ad promised.
  The merchant was extremely helpful with the order as I called him about delivery time. I ordered on a Friday and it was delivered on the next Thursday to DC. I would buy this again and give it as gifts too.
Marcia in Fort Worth TX

I got the drying rack yesterday and have a full load of towels drying on it right now. I live in an apartment with no room for a clothes line and my dryer died. But I love being able to dry my clothes in the sun and don't think I'm going to miss that dryer. Thank you so much!!
Marilyn in Newton MA

Just wanted to let you know I'm ordering my 2nd one - great design! thanks.
David in Pleasantville NY

I'm so glad I made the choice to purchase the Best Drying Rack for my laundry needs! The design of this rack is the best I've used for drying my clothes because there is plenty of air flow around each garment,which allows them to dry in no time! Other designs on the market require the clothes to lay on top of each other preventing sufficient air flow, are poorly manufactured and do not last very long at all. The Best Drying Rack's sturdy design is made to sustain the weight of a full load of wet laundry, even denim, without buckling or breaking. It is reasonably priced and you are paying for a quality item that will last a long time.
Angela in Lake Hiawatha NJ

The Best Drying Rack arrived safely this morning in Suffolk, England. The Laundry Fairy was delighted. The first load of washing has been hung out to dry - in thin fog, no less! Many thanks.
Michael in Suffolk, England

I have to say this is the BEST drying rack I've ever had. I talked my husband into buying 2 of them the first time I saw them on line. We NEVER buy things online and my husband thought I'd never use them. BUT, let me tell you I'm so glad I talked him into buying 2 because with ALL the laundry I do in a day, which is about 10 loads, these things make doing my laundry so much easier AND quicker. Everything dries so much faster and my clothes aren't wrinkled when I use your drying racks. Before I'd put things on hangers, when they'd finally dry they'd be wrinkled, not anymore! Thank You!!!!! I could say so much more about your drying racks but not sure there is enough words to do it justice. I've had so many people who ask me where I've gotten them and we tell them, some say they're too costly, but my 2 have payed for themselves 3 times or more over. I always tell everyone you won't care about cost when you see how nice the clothes come off the rack and who much quicker they dry. Plus I'm able to dry in the house or easily move it outside with one hand. You've got a good thing here. Trying to get my husband to buy me one more,hopefully!! Thank You again for this, it's the best thing we've ever invested in!
Dina in Wilson NY

Love how you don't need to crouch down to hang items like my other drying rack. Love standing in one place and hanging everything. Folds up to nothing. Made in America. No plastic!
Jacqueline in Glen Rock NJ

I had to let you know UPS just showed up and I unpacked your drying rack and I absolutely love it! I am so glad I did some research and found your product rather than buying the typical wire drying racks available at the big box stores.
  It was so easy to set up and is perfect because when I have just a few items to dry I can set it up against the wall or even use it to dry a blankets or sheets. I live in old farm country and it seems like a good quality product that would have been available back in the old days around here. Thank you
Maria in Lyndeborough, NH

I received the drying rack yesterday and already put it to use. I just love how all the clothes are separated so they will dry quickly and I like how balanced it is so you can ust hang one thing on it and it won't tip over.
Linda in Mebane NC

Just got my drying rack, and I am THRILLED!!!!! It is well suited for drying clothes on my outside deck. I also plan to use it for drying my homemade pasta!
Julie in Seattle, WA

Love it! Love it, love it, love it. Thank you so much for finally ending my drying rack nightmares.
Joyce in Canadensis PA

Love your drying rack. Dries clothes so much quicker than the standard Chinese built rack from Target. Built well and built to last....we love it, and made in America... how can you beat that. Thanks!
Emma in New Orleans LA

Great product that is made in the USA. I ordered one and then ended up buying another one as this makes doing laundry so easy. Product is easy to setup, store away and saves money by not using your dryer. Wonderful company and product that I have recommended to friends.
Tina in Antioch CA

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